FIAT pegged Orders

A FIAT pegged order is a Limit Order, whose rate is tied to a FIAT currency or BTC equivalent. The ETH rate is updated following the market value in the given currency. When placing a pegged order, users have to specify a limit indicating the most unfavorable rate they would accept.

Placing a pegged order:

  1. Have funds deposited in the smart contract in order to be capable of placing orders

  2. Chose the desired trading pair and specify the ‘AMOUNT’ you wish to trade. Make sure, you are submitting a Limit Order.

  3. In the Rate section click on the Unit box and select the FIAT currency you want your order to be tied to

  4. Specify the the FIAT rate

  5. Tick the box below the Rate section saying “Tie order to FIAT rate

  6. Enter the ETH rate limit in the ‘ETH rate limit’ section. The equivalent “Current FIAT Value” is displayed accordingly.

  7. You will be asked to sign the order with your wallet clicking the ‘BUY‘ or ‘SELL‘ button