Liquidity Aggregation is hybrid decentralized order book exchange. On top of its own liquidity, also aggregates liquidity from Kyber, Oasis and Uniswap to ensure the deepest liquidity and the best rates for your orders. Hence, the order books show the combined liquidity of our available liquidity sources for a specific token.

Order Matching

When trading on, your order order will be executed across all the available liquidity sources. To ensure the best price for your order, your order can be matched with only one liquidity source, or even split between multiple of them.

When placing a Limit Order, Stop-Limit Order, or Fiat pegged Order on, your order will be executed against whatever liquidity source crosses your rate first. This can be one single source, or a combination of multiple of them. This way you are able to trade large orders at 0% slippage, as you can let your order fill partially step-by-step until the order has entirely been matched.