Market Order

A Market Order aims to buy or sell a token at the best rate currently available in the orderbook.

When placing a Market Order from the trading interface, there is a slippage protection in place to cancel the order execution, if the slippage would exceed 5%.

Example: You own 10 ETH and the current ETH price is really attractive for you to sell all of them. Hence, you choose the “Market Order” and enter “10” as the order amount. Once you click the Place Order Button, all your 10 ETH will execute at the current market price.

How to place a Market Order?

Market Order

  1. In the Markets section on the left, chose the pair you want to trade (e.g. ETH/DAI).

  2. In the order section below, click the green BUY button if you want to execute a BUY order, and the red SELL button to execute a SELL order. Next, you select “Market Order” in the order type dropdown.

  3. Now set the ETH amount you want to buy/sell at the current market price.

  4. Use the blue slide-bar to granularly control the amount you are trading. Click the blue Place Order Button below to submit your order and sign the transaction.