Setup a Trading Login

Creating a trading login enables you to manage your orders on any device by logging in with username/address, password and Two Factor Authentication.

A trading login will create a new Ethereum Private Key locally in your browser and re-create this key on the new device. The key can be given the permission to sign orders on behalf of your wallet by registering it in the smart contract. The right to deposit or withdraw funds always remains with your wallet.

How to setup a trading login:

Trading Login

  1. Connect your Ledger Nano S or MetaMask wallet.

  2. Click the Settings Icon in the upper right hand corner

    • to get to the Trading Logins section.
  1. Now move to the Trading Logins section click ‘Create Trading Login’

  2. Follow the steps shown in the interface:

    • Create a strong 14 character password including:
      • upper and lower case letters
      • a number
      • and a special character
    • Setup Two Factor Authentication by scanning the QR Code or manually entering the code below displayed below.
  1. Click ‘Register Login Key’ and sign the transaction in your wallet.

    • Once the Transaction is mined, your trading login will be active.

To see a screencast on how to setup a trading login in the trading interface, please click here.

You have now created your trading login, letting you trade instantly and fully trustless without being restricted to a certain of device or browser.

To log into your trading account, just click on the key icon next to the Connect Wallet button.

To learn how this works start reading about delegated signing keys