Trading Chart is the first decentralized exchange that offers traders a full TradingView integration. This means that traders can leverage powerful charts not only to analyze their spot trading strategies but also manage their orders visually on the charts.


  1. Cursor style options
  2. Candle interval selection; e.g., 1h means each red/green candle represents 1 hour
  3. Candle stick options
  4. Opens a large database of additional chart indicators
  5. Redo- & Undo scale
  6. Quick access chart tools; each one is customizable by selecting its slideout arrow
  7. Individual indicator properties; e.g., “Volume” bars indicator
  8. Open (O), High (H), Low (L), and Close (C) price for selected candle
  9. Chart window total timeframe Redundant Chart/Format properties (see #3)
  10. Change price axis to a percentage, logarithmic view, and manual/auto scaling
  11. Current market price*
  12. Chart properties allowing color changes, scale parameters, and etc.
  13. Enter full-screen mode
  14. Screenshot the current chart window and link to the image
  15. Resize chart

In-Chart Order Management

Active positions, orders, and price alerts will also appear in a similar fashion (different colors) as the current market price line. To edit those, just pull the desired position, order, or price alert up and down.