Withdraw Funds

To add your funds back to your personal wallet, you have to perform a withdrawal from the dex.blue smart contract.

In case the trading platform is subject to dowtime and you want to recover your funds, please click here.

To withdraw tokens, click on ”Withdraw” from the ‘Your Balances’ section.

Now please specify the amount of tokens you want to withdraw (“Withdrawal Amount”).

Initiate the withdrawal by clicking ‘Withdraw’, now you will be asked to sign the transaction in your wallet.

To see a screencast on how to withdraw funds in the trading interface, please click here.

When using a Ledger Nano S, you also will be asked to specify the Ethereum Network gas price, with MetaMask this is handled in MetaMask itself.

Please note, that when requesting a withdrawal, you commit to submitting it to the blockchain. We cannot add your funds back to your tradable balance, since only this way we can guarantee trade-settlement for all market participants. If anything goes wrong, you can re-initiate the withdrawal from the transaction list below.